Founded in 2946 by veterans from all over the UEE armed forces, The Cassini Pathfinder Corps is a mission based, vertically integrated militia amid at serving the ‘Verse and those in it. After serving in multiple tours of duty and engagements, our founders couldn’t quite settle back into normal life. Longing to be back out among the stars, we started small with one man, an Aurora and a hand full of resources.

Since then we’ve ground our fleet and our operational capacity to assist and serve a variety of people including: Governments, Institutions, Individuals, Small Independent Groups and more. With our commitment to honor, integrity and confidentiality, you can be sure that we will accomplish the mission right and with complete discretion. Thanks to the Militia Mobilization Act, we are able to provide a litany of operational functions that will fit a variety of needs. Due to our background in the UEE Military, we maintain a military command structure.

Within CPATH, we have three divisions to maintain operational effectiveness to those we serve:

Civilian Defense Force Charter: #CDF-00481512